Uvita & Bahía


Uvita – A Bustling Town

With a mountain backdrop and the ‘Rio Morete’ that runs through the town center, the town is surrounded by nature, and offers easy access to beaches, rivers and the mountains nearby. Essential services can be found in Uvita, and everyone is known to make a trip to Uvita at least once a week to replenish their stocks or to take care of business. It is the bustling centre of Costa Ballena that is gearing up for expansion in the years to come. And on Saturday mornings a buzz is in the air, the little town is very busy, as shoppers head to and fro, from farmer’s market to wherever they may go.

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Bahía – Home of the Whale’s Tail

Costa Ballena’s most famous natural attraction, the Whale’s Tail is found in Bahía! The ‘Parque Nacional Marino Ballena’ encompasses a total of 13,570 acres made up of both land and ocean. It is home to many migrating Humpback Whales throughout the year. From the mountain ranges nearby, amazing amphitheater style views of the natural reef barrier can be found.

Homes nestled in the mountains, halfway between Uvita and Ojochal, offer prime access to some of the most pristine beaches in the area, not to mention some of the most dynamic views. With changing tides and the rock formations, ‘Las Très Hermanas‘ and ‘Isla Ballena’, one can sit and watch the tides of the ocean come in and out from afar and enjoy the landscapes that are altered by the passing of time.



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