Weather in Costa Rica

There is no spring or fall in Costa Rica; there are two seasons, they are respectively called ‘verano’ (summer), and ‘invierno’ (winter). Summer, or the dry season, runs from December to April and locals refer to it as ‘high season’ as this is when there is the most important influx of tourists visit the area. It is a great time to start construction as there are long periods without rain, and some home owners choose to rent out their houses to pay for that extra vacation they wanted to take. The winter, called the rainy or green season, has our jungles looking ‘Jurassic Park’ lush and runs from May to November; October and November being the heaviest months of precipitation in Costa Ballena. This is also when many business owners close down to take vacation or decide to take on renovations. If you are interested in being a year round resident, it is advisable to come during the ‘off’ months to experience the local vibe and weather. You will find the weather year round is enjoyable, even with the rains that start to come in May in the late afternoon and gradually increase overtime, the rain is not so much a deterrent, as it is inspiration to unwind, and perhaps finally read that great book series you’ve always wanted to.

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