Weather and Seasonality

Photo by Joan Weilers
Photo by Joan Weilers

One of the best features of the coastal lowlands is that we enjoy a steady tropical temperature of around 27 °C (81 °F).

The sun rises at about 5:30 a.m. and sets twelve hours later, only varying slightly throughout the year. After a year of living here, or perhaps maybe only after a few months, you’ll find you’ll adopt a philosophy of “the early bird gets the worm”, as most residents naturally wake up around the time when the sun rises and the howler monkeys announce the start of their day. It’s wonderful to wake up with the sun shining and the jungle sounds that come alive, it never does get ‘old’, neither does taking photos of stellar electric sunsets, you never can have too many of those!

There is no spring or fall in Costa Rica; the two seasons are called ‘verano’ (summer), and ‘invierno’ (winter). April through July are the months of transition, the rains begin to come in the late afternoon, although not daily, and as we approach winter, the periods of rain get longer, extending later into the day, by evening our skies are clear for star gazing and our mornings are fresh for brisk walking.

Summer, or the dry season, runs from December to April and locals refer to it as ‘high season’ as this is when there an important passage of tourists that supports economy in our area. The environment during this time is perfect for specific varieties of flowers to bloom, such as orchids and bougainvilleas. There are varietiesof colorful trees that flower only during the dry season, such as the ‘Cortés amarillo’tree, found specifically in the South Pacific. And we are fortunate enough in Costa Ballena to have access to many rivers and beaches to cool off during the hot days; adistinction that sets us apart from other areas in the country.

The winter, called the rainy or green season, has our jungles looking lush and runs from May to November; October and November being the heaviest months of precipitation. Despite forecasts that announce rain day long, normally the rains in Costa Ballena come in the late afternoon and taper off in the evening, leaving our mornings fresh. During the wet season, stellar sunsets occur regularly and it is a favorite pastime to head to the beach to catch the ‘golden hour’, the period where abeam of yellow-orange light covers all it touches. The rainy season does have its perks; as Mother Nature shows off in thunderstorms, demonstrating the sheer power of the stormy clouds above, and the amount of rain that falls per minute, astounding to watch the grass drink it up. It is rather frequent for those at an elevated height to be able to watch storms from a distance over the South Pacific and these are some of the best natural shows on earth, guaranteed.

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