castana If you aren’t the biggest fan of the sweet fruits in Costa Rica and you are in luck because there are so many choices to choose from that can also be salty! A hearty snack you should definitely try is the Costa Rican Castaña. Within its “family” of tree species, that can be found all around the world, like the Chestnut in North America or Europe. Continue reading


biribaNot to be confused with the Biribiri, the Biriba is another fantastic fruit of Costa Rica. Its official name is Rollinia deliciosa and it is native to tropical South America. Continue reading


MangoThe Mango, also called the Queen of Fruits, is found in the supermarkets nearly all over the world. It’s one of the most important crop plants, growing in the tropical rainforest and especially in India, who makes a lot of money by exporting this delicious fruit. Mango is so popular because it offers a great snack, a multifaceted oil and has healing effects. Continue reading


BilimbiSurely you have once received a beautiful yellow starfruit on the side of your cocktail glass, but have you ever tried it’s exotic relative the Biribiri fruit? Continue reading

Mamon Chino – The Lychee of Costa Rica


When you ask Ticos what their favourite fruity snack is a likely response is Mamon Chino! The little fruit, also known as Rambutan originally grows in Southeast Asia and therefore the meaning of the Costa Rican term Mamon Chino can be simply translated as “Chinese Sucker”. The Mamon Chino tree is related to the Lychee and to the Mamones, but the Mamon Chinos is distinguished by their red and hairy skin. This leathery skin protects the sweet, milky-white pulp, which has a jelly-like consistency. In the middle of the fruit you can find the almond-shaped seed, hardly fixed in the pulp. Continue reading


mamonesHave you ever tried Mamones? If not, you’re in luck, because the Mamones season in Costa Rica has started! Continue reading