Welcome to the Coast, Where There is Something for Everyone!

Costa Ballena has a little something for everyone, no matter your tastes. If it’s green space and hippie vibes, Dominical is your place. And if you are looking to fine dine and get pampered, Ojochal has just what you need. Uvita, at the centre, is where the Whale’s Tail can be found. What everyone agrees about Costa Ballena is that the surf and the beaches, are superb and pristine. From kayaking, diving and snorkelling, to day trips on the ocean, and riding horseback to a waterfall, these are just a few of the activities that allow you to play. Come check out what we’ve got going on, there’s plenty to see.

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The Natural Evolution of Tropical Building

The spirals in flowers and seashells have inspired many to create manmade masterpieces along more natural lines for centuries. By paying attention to the spiral paths that air and water prefer, for example, we are better able to manage such elements. In the tropics, many times inspiration, as well as solutions, come from Nature. Continue reading

Not Retired from Adventure

Waterfall - Poza Azul in Dominicalito
Waterfall – Poza Azul in Dominicalito

About five or six years ago, my wife Daisy and I started traveling to Central America looking for a retirement haven. Continuing to live in the U.S. just didn’t seem to appeal to us for our retirement. We soon discovered that all of the Central American countries had pluses and minuses, none filled our needs entirely. After some soul searching, a fair amount of research and several visits, we decided that Costa Rica suited us best. Continue reading

Run Away With Me

Photo by Michael Fernandez
Photo by Michael Fernandez

During a vacation to Costa Rica with friends in 2009, we traveled through the usual tourist spots, visiting Arenal, Manuel Antonio, and down to the Rafiki Lodge on the Savegre River. When we reached further South, we immediately fell in love with the feeling of being disconnected from the “noise” and being reconnected with nature. It was something that we deeply missed once we returned home to the States. Post our first trip, moving to Costa Rica became somewhat of a fantasy, that one day we would make our escape – together.

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Time for Change


It wasn’t overnight that the feeling of wanting to drastically change my life surfaced, rather it had been a long time coming. Exhausted by mainstream media and constant bombardments of negative reinforcement on the news, I knew it was time for me make a big change, and I doubted that this was possible in the US. Knowing how much of a change in life I was looking for, I knew I needed to make an impactful move to make that a reality. Some call it gut instinct, some call it intuition, whatever it was, it called me to Costa Rica. So, I sold my house and bought a one-way ticket. Continue reading

Must haves for your tropical home

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The History of Pura Vida

Life is what you make of it ~ Pura Vida
Life is what you make of it ~ Pura Vida

Pura Vida. These two simple words, literally meaning “pure life”, are the perfect description of the lifestyle and attitudes of Costa Rica and its happy inhabitants: appreciating the little things, enjoying the simple life, and always having time for a cold beer or visit to the beach with family and friends. It’s easy to see that this beloved country slogan far surpasses its casual stateside counterparts like “The Show Me State” for Missouri, or “Georgia is for Lovers”. Beyond its most basic translation (pure life), Pura Vida can be used in a wide array of expressions, similar to Hawaii’s “Mahalo”, making it simple for tourists to embrace the Pura Vida spirit while on their travels. For some, it has even infiltrated our everyday vocabulary, and so if your Spanish is a little rusty, and you want to fit in like a local, when in doubt just say “Pura Vida”!
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