Time for Change


It wasn’t overnight that the feeling of wanting to drastically change my life surfaced, rather it had been a long time coming. Exhausted by mainstream media and constant bombardments of negative reinforcement on the news, I knew it was time for me make a big change, and I doubted that this was possible in the US. Knowing how much of a change in life I was looking for, I knew I needed to make an impactful move to make that a reality. Some call it gut instinct, some call it intuition, whatever it was, it called me to Costa Rica. So, I sold my house and bought a one-way ticket. Continue reading

Let It Flow


Have you ever found yourself so immersed in an activity that you completely lost track of time, and when you did “call it quits for the day”, you found yourself happy, calm and contented? This feeling is an indication of having achieved flow. You can notice when you are in flow, when you are experiencing effortless, automatic, and full engagement in the activity.

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Costa Rica – The Story of a Life Well Lived


From the puns in the movies, to the mass media portrayals of Costa Rica being the place where “the lost souls of the world” go to find themselves, whatever it is about the country, we can all agree – it holds a unique mystique and appeal. What remains un-debated is that Costa Rica will leave an imprint on you forever more, whether you are here to stay or are just passing through.

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Green Season is the best time to Visit Costa Rica

Yes, locals flip for joy during the low season. Photo by Michael Fernandez
Yes, locals flip for joy during the low season.
Photo by Michael Fernandez

Are you a bargain hunter? Surf rider? Nature lover? …always wanted to visit Costa Rica but didn’t think you could handle the heat, scorching sun or buses full of tourists? Well, here’s a local’s tip, the best time to travel and experience Costa Rica is during “Veranillo de San Juan” (Dog days of summer) and the Green Season, also known as the rainy season. As local guide, Barney, explained to me, “Veranillo de San Juan” is “the last chance to make money before the rainy season”. Tour operators are flexible, long term room rates can be negotiated, not to mention, you receive personalized service everywhere you go. There are less people around in general, so you feel as if you are VIP, not saying you aren’t, but it’s as if you’ve just rented out the entire hotel for you and your friends at a really awesome one room a night rate! Score! Let the vacation begin.
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