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Lend a Helping Hand

9 Release of the turtles at Playa Tortuga - by Nikki WhelanCosta Ballena is not only the habitat for Whales and Dolphins but also for other species that need protection, for example sea turtles. Playa Tortuga, dubbed the “Seaturtle Beach“, in the neighbouring Ojochal, is a nesting place for the animals. Continue reading

Blessing in Disguise

zahara-2Nearly a decade ago I was diagnosed with an advanced stage, very aggressive form of cancer. And almost a decade ago, in Costa Rica, I also cleansed my body of cancer in less than six months – and, I have continued living cancer free ever since. I feel supremely blessed to have had this experience. Continue reading

Costa Ballena: The Whales Coast

whales-tale-costa-ballena (2)Our area offers a rich variety of natural phenomena, most famous in the area is the locally known “Whales Tale“ (Cola de Ballena), a naturally created peninsula in the shape of a whales tale. Yet this is not the main reason for which the area received its name, rather it is due to the three different species of whales that can be observed off our coast during most times of the year. They are the Pilot Whale, the Beaked Whale and the Humpback Whale.

Continue reading

Surf in The Southern Zone

surfing-costa-ballena-sunsetThe Southern Zone of Costa Rica is the ideal location for all levels of surf to experience the joy of riding waves. There are many beautiful beaches along the coast, and each beach has different characteristics that influence the wave shape, power, and consistently. Listed below are three surf breaks that are unique and standout for each level, from advanced, to intermediate, and ending with beginner surfer level, here are our beach suggestions. Continue reading

Building in the Tropics

plants-costa-ricaYou would be amazed to watch the heavy rains that pour down and the grass that soaks it all up like a sponge, at a truly amazing absorption rate. Truly blessed with lush jungles and flowing rivers, after experiencing one rainy season, it becomes obvious not only why the forests are so rich, but it also becomes clear that one must design and build in order to account for the amount of rain, and the speed at which it falls. Here are a few con-siderations to maintain a comfortable home and low maintenance lifestyle. Continue reading

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Playa Cativo

playa-cativo-poolsideExperience a taste of paradise and unimaginable wildlife adventures in this extraordinary first-class Costa Rican destination, taking you one step further into the wild. Accessible exclusively by boat, Playa Cativo Eco Lodge is nestled in the tranquil waters of ‘Golfo Dulce’, the inner side of the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica, renowned for its birdwatching and spotting of other exotic wildlife, such as the three-toed sloth. Continue reading