Imagine Yourself at Punta Gabriela in Costa Rica!

punta-gabriela-viewA private estate complete with owner’s luxury home, a penthouse suite and three luxury villas, perched mountain side and with Pacific Ocean views giving way to a dynamic ‘vista’of Dominicalito’s Bay to the south and Playa Dominical to the north. Continue reading

Costa Ballena is a Wonderful Community

1401365_10202657454660121_461705669_oCosta Ballena is what we locals refer to as the coastal region, comprised of three towns: Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal. Costa Ballena’s trademark is it’s welcoming community. There are many social activities that provide a way to connect with fellow community members throughout any day of the week, and year round. Whole-heartedly committed to enjoying all life has to offer, the people who populate the area are diverse and easy going. The animal life is abundant; with monkeys, birds, and flowers galore. The animal lover and the nature enthusiast will be delighted even more. Outdoor activities are ample and diverse, for the adventurer or the sports enthusiast, you’ll never get bored. For the green thumb, you can grow your own garden and almost anything takes root. And, for the health enthusiast, you’ll be glad to know Farmer’s Markets are held various days of the week, in various areas of Costa Ballena, so you can always eat fresh! Continue reading

Costa Rica as an Investment Opportunity

costa-rica-coastlineCosta Rica is the longest-standing democracy and has one of the highest standards of living in Central America. The economy is stable, with future investment into public services and infrastructure planned. Continue reading

33 Edibles You Can Grow in Costa Rica

A list of a few of the delicious edibles you can grow in Costa Rica!

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Meet Robin & Helen

Photo by Ruben Roman
Photo by Ruben Roman

Imagine Costa Rica twenty one years ago. No roads, no bridges, fantastic, undiscovered beaches, and a dream of a castaway life. Well, my friends, Robin does not have to imagine, rather he simply needs to remember. He can tell you stories of when it took hours to trek from Dominical to Ojochal, where a portion of the “road” was simply going on the beach with your 4×4 vehicle or quad. It used to be an impossibly complicated journey through rivers and thick jungle to get from Ojochal to Dominical. Indeed it has only been a few years that the Costanera Highway was completed and made Costa Ballena more accessible. However, this trek did not matter much to Robin, it was the stable government, the fact that Costa Rica did not have a standing army and that land acquisition was, and still remains, a simple, clear and low cost process that attracted him. Continue reading

Meet Chuck & Mercedes

Photo by Joan WeilersIn 1998, I visited Costa Rica for the first time, and I just knew that one day I would move to the sunny country where surf’s up, year round. Surfing for me, is the source. I grew up surfing on Folly Beach (United States) and used to chase hurricanes up and down the coast with a few other crazy kids. The decision to move and stop chasing waves, and to really enjoy the surf in my own, new backyard, came rather easy. Continue reading

Meet Ben & Nate

meet-ben-poolAfter several vacations to Costa Rica we fell in love with Costa Ballena while on our drive south to visit the Osa Peninsula. Being in our 40’s, the Move to Costa Rica Plan’ had to include income. Continue reading