mamonesHave you ever tried Mamones? If not, you’re in luck, because the Mamones season in Costa Rica has started! Mamones are also known as Momoncillo, Spanish Lime, Quenepas or Ginep and are native to Mexico, South and Central America and the Caribbean. Their characteristics are the green skin and the delicious pulp. The skin is thin and smooth, but leathery and therefore it keeps the fruit fresh for a long time. Before you enjoy the little fruit you have to peel the skin off to get the gelatinous pulp, also called “aril”. The taste of the Mamones is a cross between a lychee and a lime, so try this mixture of sweet and sour by putting the whole fruit into your mouth and suck the pulp from the seed. Another way to use the Mamones is including them to a refreshing juice, a sweet dessert or a homemade Jelly.