Imagine Yourself at Punta Gabriela in Costa Rica!

punta-gabriela-viewA private estate complete with owner’s luxury home, a penthouse suite and three luxury villas, perched mountain side and with Pacific Ocean views giving way to a dynamic ‘vista’of Dominicalito’s Bay to the south and Playa Dominical to the north.

house-lit-up-at-nightWith the ocean breeze that comes in during the afternoon and with the setting of the sun, you can relax in one of the many jacuzzis, poolside, or zip onto their tree-house platform, to enjoy the panoramic views. Tastefully decorated, with attention to detail, whether you are inside or looking out from the manicured gardens, your eyes will feast on beauty all around. Fully equipped in all ways of these words, this property has all you could imagine luxury to be and within only hours will leave you feeling fully rested and definitely pampered.


buddhaGreat for a large family or individual owners, the property is centrally located with easy access to the Costanera. It could make a great private home, or a one of a kind boutique b&b. Given any option, the estate is indeed a unique purchase with views that are unparalleled.

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