Home Maintenance

Maintaining your home and property is an essential part of home ownership, no matter where you live. Repair costs can add up fast when not kept in-check; and broken seals, busted gaskets, they can add to monthly bills if the leaks go unnoticed. Proper maintenance and prevention can prove to be wise investments overtime. A crack can become a hole in no time. A general rule of thumb to be adopted towards maintaining your property, why not fix it, before it gets worse! Below are the most common home maintenance tasks for properties in the tropics.

Regular House Duties

  • Check gutters, downspouts, drains and pipes for possible blockages, place screen over those that could easily get clogged;
  • Rake your leaves, piles of dead leaves make great breading ground for unwanted visitors to hide underneath;
  • Cut back invasive shrubs regularly, they can quickly get out of hand;
  • Continually be planting to ward off the hands of time, land erosion prevention happens on the day to day;
  • Keep tiles clean and surfaces free from mould build-up, it could save you a nasty slip or fall;
  • Notice a small, new, pooling of water? Make sure you find the source and it gets fixed fast; and
  • Clean air conditioning units thoroughly and survey for any unusual leaks, changes in usage could indicate a larger problem and a service call may be warranted, which could save the cost of replacement.

Yearly House Reviews

  • Make sure the trees around your house are stable and if any pose a threat of falling be sure to remove any unwanted trees or limbs before the rainy season begins;
  • Pressure wash walkways once a year;
  • Road maintenance is best done after the first heavy rains as this is when cracks from sun damage with reveal themselves. The best time to grade a road is when the road is moist, water helps to loosen the gravel and makes the road easier to reshape, plus dry conditions can create an unwanted dust storm. And be quick to compact thereafter, before it rains, in order to “lock” in the fine particles with the coarser ones;
  • Seal and paint any cracks in the walls as well as any wood that is exposed to the rays of the sun;
  • Review your roof for weather damage. Replace loose or broken tiles and repair any leaks prior to the heavy rains; and
  • Give invasive insects the cold shoulder, be sure to monitor regularly for insect infestations, especially with wood, termites work and spread fast, a yearly treatment is recommended.

Make leniences for the unexpected. Home is where the heart lives and taking care of your home is what keeps the heart ambers warm!

Invasive roots, like bamboo, can cause damage as they slowly grow towards underground pipes if they are not kept in check. However, on larger properties they are great to plant on hillsides to help control land erosion as the roots grow thick and intertwined into the soil keeping it all in its place. Proper tree selection and location is key, make a plan for what, where, and when you will be planting.

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