Costa Rica’s Winning Attitude

Photo by Joan Weilers
Photo by Joan Weilers

What differentiates Costa Rica within Central America is it’s ideology. Without an army since 1949, their citizens are all about peace. When they abolished their militia, they took on an engagement with their population to invest in their education and health care systems, and into what is now their future. The government’s decision was, and still is, a reflection of the sentiment that resonates within their population, they understand that it is through education and cooperation that the everyday quality of life of their citizens will be uplifted. ‘Paz’ is a way of life, and Costa Rica has decided to put their money where they believe it will do them the greatest good.

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, we saw Costa Rica rise from the shadows and step up and hold ground against some of the strongest nations worldwide. Surprised by their talent, the world began rooting for what was the underdog. Despite their loss in the final rounds against the Netherlands, they played with their hearts and they demonstrated that team work will pay off. They stole the spotlight and with that, the hearts’ of many who now look forward to their promise – they will be back, and they will step up to the plate once more and perform. And this last attitude is what keeps Costa Rica thriving strong, their ability to rally and come together in the face of a challenge. And yet they take it all in stride, they are able to keep in sight what is important, they keep their spirit even when confronted with adversity. It’s not just about winning (although that’s great too), it’s about how far you’ve come and whether you did the best you could with what you had at the time, and next time you will do it again and more! You will see Costa Ricans help out when they can, share because they can and a smile will always greet your eyes. Family values, hard work and playtime are at the foundation of what it means to live a good life in Costa Rica. And so, the Rich Coast is indeed endowed with richness beyond a doubt and the experience of Costa Rica and its people will be what ultimately wins you over; it is unlike no other in Central America.

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