Chicas Con Proposito

The program was founded to encourage the younger girls of Dominical and Dominicalito by creating a positive environment. Athletics is renowned to deter negative and self damaging behavior. Therefore, it was natural that we looked at what sports are widely practiced and most accessible in the area. We found surf was the key.

We started this project with the simplest idea in mind; we would use our time to teach the girls to surf, the goal was for them to truly enjoy themselves during the activity – to have fun! Doing so, hopefully will dissuade them from negative influences, such as quitting school, early pregnancy, alcohol and drug use, so that they can be the best they can be!


Our goal for these girls is to have them cultivate motivation, learn key values as woman, to practice discipline in a sport, and build mutual respect for one another. We think that surfing can allow these girls to shift focus onto something positive, and that we can influence them with positive attitudes towards education, teamwork, leadership and their future goals in life through this practice.


Three local surfer girls lead the project; Jeanine Haddad, Claudia Schulz and Debbie Zec; who all work with surf schools and are very passionate about the sport. They count on assistance from other girls during the events, surfers and non-surfers. It’s beautiful to see positive attitudes bringing women together to help one another. Please show your support and come check out Chicas Con Proposito!


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Surf sessions happen twice a month, on Saturdays, at Playa Dominicalito. The events will be posted to Facebook prior.


How you can help!

A great way people can help the project stay strong is to donate any surf gear: surfboards (all sizes), boogie boards, surf wax, leashes, rashguards and sunscreen. You can also volunteer your time to help with the surf sessions or simply spread the word about this amazing project.


To date we have tried to work without the need of donations, however we want to improve the quality of the project and keep providing healthy snacks and beverages for the girls and volunteers at the events. Please contact for more information. Donations can be made in person or via PayPal.



The greatest discovery of my generation is that people can alter their lives by altering their attitudes. –