The Natural Evolution of Tropical Building

The spirals in flowers and seashells have inspired many to create manmade masterpieces along more natural lines for centuries. By paying attention to the spiral paths that air and water prefer, for example, we are better able to manage such elements. In the tropics, many times inspiration, as well as solutions, come from Nature. Continue reading

Ballena Homes

BP ballena homesWe, at “Ballena Homes”, decided to use our expertise that comes from living here in the jungle of Costa Rica, and having built our own homes; to help others build their homes at a better price point!
The Team at Ballena Homes has researched suppliers and alternative ways of building…and found some great resources….
We use local suppliers of innovative construction technologies, high quality products, to give you a high quality finished product.
We build quality, reliable, consistent, solid, affordable value homes.
We help you build a lower maintenance home, reducing your ongoing maintenance costs.
We assist you with your design, picking out your finishing’s, guide you through the process, so that you have a good experience and the quality of home you desire. Taking your idea to design, permits, lot prep, pre-construction, water management and landscape construction, including pools.
The Ballena Homes Team works in partnership with architects, designers, engineers, home construction specialists and infrastructure providers to deliver a complete range of professional services to our customers.


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Sustainable Solutions CR

Bp sustainable solutionsThe holistic vision of Sustainable Solutions includes eco-minded real estate, eco-village design, green building, alternative energy, organic farming, landscaping, and healthy eating and living. Our new Sustainable Resource Center, designed to help purchase, build, and sustain properties in the region is the first of its kind in the country. Sustainable Solutions invites you to create your paradise in Costa Rica, while making responsible decisions.


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Coto Company

BP coto companyWe are a consulting and construction-company specialized in construction management with over 15 years of experience developing housing projects in Costa Rica. Our most important goal is that the final design result meets your needs while staying within your budget. We believe that the design goes hand in hand with the construction experience. For this reason we offer a holistic and integrated service to our clients. Our team works together with construction crews, architectural designers, and engineers, both structural and electromechanical, to achieve the desired final product. An important part of our service includes providing counsel during the due diligence process before purchasing the property. We analyze all the technical aspects of the project to determine the feasibility of the project. It is important to recognize that some areas of Costa Rica, especially in the south, have strict regulations that protect the environment, especially with housing development projects such as condominiums. Special preliminary studies are required before even one tree can be cut down.

For this reason, this company and its president are dedicated to a true, sustainable development, which we believe is the only way to achieve goals properly and correctly. It is important for us to protect our most precious natural resources, which can only be done by following regulations and existing laws. Our dedication to this is the main reason behind our motto ethics and loyalty.


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Vivero La Bonita

Are you in need of plants, trees, fruits, flowers? If this is the case, then Viveros la Bonita is the best place for you.

Our central offices are located in San Isidro, Pérez Zeledón, but our services are offered throughout all of Costa Rica, and internationally as well.

When its time to deal with fixing up or redesigning your yard, we are the most thought of and sought after, as we are specialists in gardening. We can help you plan your garden to your needs and desires, weather it be indoor plants or outdoor plants, as well as what types of fertilizer you should be using.

Among some of the plants that we offer for sale are flowering plants, palms, vines, andtropical plants.

Or if you want to beautify your property, we have fruit and forest trees for sale, as well as some of the more coveted species for exportation.

Our family has opened and run this business of cultivating plants and trees since 1973. We have been pioneers in this market and we continue to be the only producers of the majority of the different types of plants that we sell.

Our goal is this:

To offer you the best and healthiest varieties of vegetation in the region.


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Living Space Design & Building

BP living spaceEcological design is our key to including the incredible natural beauty of Costa Rica in a living space while creating a comfortable and safe home. We design around our client’s needs and desires, according to the available budget.  From the simplest, humble design to the finest, finished homes in the zone.

Our business has been built on the consistent performance and unrelenting attention to detail that is so vital when building custom homes. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship. Through solid, honest construction, our goal is to produce beautiful structures, while creating innovative, functional living spaces.


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La Lomita Mulch

Our company, Mulch La Lomita, is located in Bahia Ballena, in Uvita de Osa.

It’s a company created in a family setting, interested in using the waste of a nearby sawmill for the mulch fabrication and cattle dung as fertilizer in gardens or plantations.

We started the project in 2014 and we specialized in organic mulch fabrication and cattle manure reutilization. With this, our purpose is to reutilize waste, providing benefits to plants and crops, in a totally environmental friendly manner.

This way, we contribute embellishing even more the paradisiac sites of all the southern part of Costa Rica.

In addition to offering an excellent quality product for your garden, we are concerned that during the entire process there’s a good use of the resources and this way we contribute to the planet.


For more information, please see their website and facebook page.