BilimbiSurely you have once received a beautiful yellow starfruit on the side of your cocktail glass, but have you ever tried it’s exotic relative the Biribiri fruit?Also known as Bilimbi, it is originally from South-East Asia, and found especially in Indonesia. Today you can find the Biribiri in many tropical and subtropical countries, like in Costa Rica for example. The Biribiri has a thin and smooth skin, which looks like it was dipped in wax. The unripe fruit’s skin is green, but becomes white or yellow while maturing. The pulp is always green, slightly creamy and juicy and contains regularly not more than 6 or 7 little seeds. The skin, the pulp, as well as the seeds are edible. One main difference between the Biribiri and the Starfruit is the sour taste of the Biribiri, whereby it’s usually not eaten raw. Another difference is the shape. Although the Biribiri looks like a pentagon, when it is sliced, it doesn’t have the characteristic sharp edges of a Starfuit. Biribiri is normally served with rice and beans or included in a refreshing juice mixed with “tapa dulce” (sugar), so go ahead and give it a try!