Adventure in “Our” Backyard

Nauyaca WaterfallIf the idea of an adventure hitting a jungle trail, or the sound of rushing waters getting closer as you make your way along a hidden path, doesn’t get your blood flowing, the cold river water definitely will! In Costa Rica, we are blessed with many beautiful, naturally occurring waterfalls, offering an endless variety to discover and enjoy. There are delicately flowing, graceful cascades that will relax and mesmerize you with their intricate beauty. And there are some that will impress, with each thundering crash of water that trembles the ground it falls upon. Waterfall excursions provide an excellent excuse to explore the jungle, and you never know where you may wander, as you may end up in someone’s backyard!

  • When in Dominical, head for a break at the locally known ‘Poza Azul’, located after the bridge in Dominicalito. Midday is the best time for a refreshing dip.


  • When in Uvita, head to what the locals know as ‘La Catarata de Uvita’. The best time to get there is slightly before 11:00 am as the sun shines through the trees and you can cool down while catching some rays in the refreshing ‘Rio Cortezal’ waters. Entrance is 1,000 CRC.


  • When in Ojochal, head just a few kilometres south to ‘Punta Mala’. The Tilapia Farm makes a great lunch stop for a traditionally prepared fish meal. Fish your tilapia from a fresh water pond, and let the kitchen grill it up while you take a rejuvenating dip under the waterfall!


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