Yoga (Private and Open Classes)

For many people Yoga is one of the activities that match best with Costa Rica´s famous motto of “Pura Vida” and enjoying life as it offers you to calm down, relax and feel your own body in a unique way.

Tours short article yogaNo matter if you come with no experience at all or are already an advanced learner, different kinds of yoga classes are offered in almost every small town of the region. In case you prefer doing a private lesson in pure tranquility with your own personal trainer, you will find a large number of opportunities, as well. However, for those who like to learn in a group many regular classes are available in places along the Costa Ballena.

In particular the possibility to do Yoga in special locations like at the beach, in the jungle or in the mountains is really impressive and gives you a totally new feeling of the Yoga spirit. These courses are provided by many hotels and Yoga studios in the area who wish to offer their customers a rich experience in Costa Rica´s beautiful nature.

Do not miss your chance to learn more about yourself while meditating and feeling your body´s tension giving you a deep relaxation of senses.