Why Choose the South Pacific

new years 2012 001Leaving our “tech” world behind, entering into an ever green, ever lush, natural paradise and playground that we call home, Costa Ballena is an area that has remained relatively off the beaten path.

Unaffected by large scale hotel developments, with shorelines remaining protected, chic boutique style hotels have replaced these types of accommodations. The animal life is abundant; with monkeys, birds, flowers galore; the animal lover, the nature enthusiast, we welcomeyou to join in on the fun and explore.

The topography is unique, views of the ocean to one side and jungle views to the other, and with beach access all within reach, many options for all tastes and budgets are offered. With neighbors around, but none in sight, properties are built with modesty, others lavish and luxurious. Without a doubt, they offer all the comforts one requires. It can rain and be sunny on the same day and at the same time, but give it ten minutes and see the weather change in the blink of an eye. Leisure activities include visiting a mountain neighbor for a sunset, conversation and glass of wine; looking up at night to see a clear starring sky or a full moon light up the night; and going to a backyard waterfall BBQ for a little Sunday Funday with friends, family and visitors alike is always a great way to end a week and resource.

Highly accessible to San José, in a little over a three hour drive, the Costanera Highway, completed about five years ago, and the surrounding national airports in Quepos and Palmar Sur make Costa Ballena an attractive location for people who need to come and go. Now with plans of an International Airport in Palmar Sur that is government approved, the attention of developers looking for new opportunities have their sights set on the Osa Canton. Further probabilities that indicate economicgrowth and prosperity are coming to the area, is the government support of the establishment of ‘Instituto Nacional De Aprendizaje’, commonly referred to as INA, where residents can receive an education free of charge as long as they complete the degree that is offered. Studies are currently being done to see which courses are to be available via the Uvita location.

The types of people that are attracted to Costa Ballena occupy themselves with living healthy active lifestyles, safeguarding and appreciating the beauty and naturethat surrounds them, and all seem to be whole-heartedly committed to enjoying all life has to offer. The personalities of the people who populate the area are diverse. “We all have our story as to why we are here and we all are adventurers in our own ways.” – A sentiment that resonates from many. Highly self reliant people, they work hard to create the lives they want to live. By living in Costa Ballena, one cannot help but experience a shift in mindset; a return to a much simpler way of lifeis not so farfetched of an idea nor is it out of the norm. Sometimes, all you really need is a hammock for your afternoon ‘siesta’ to make your day! Ah, the simple treasures of life!

Opportunity is waiting to be created for you, by you.

Having either worked hard in the past to get to where we are or now trail blazing to create a life that has a future, we are all stewards of the area and hope to attract like in kind. If you want to participate in community, Costa Ballena presents a great opportunity, come visit us soon and join in on our plans.


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