Whale’s Tail at the Marino Ballena National Park

whales-tale-costa-ballena (2)To walk the Whale’s Tail you can enter the Marino Ballena National Park via Bahía, located in the neighbouring town of Uvita. The tombolo, locally known as the Whale’s Tail, is a famous natural barrier reef that was created by the forces of two rivers on either side of the reef, which due to the currents has formed and maintained the shape of a whale’s tail when viewed from above. At low tide and from a mountain range view above the town of Uvita-Bahía, you can easily see the formation. At low tide, once in the park you can walk the length of the beach and walk (and snorkel) the tombolo itself.


Marino Ballena National Park has plenty to discover: the mangroves at early morning come alive with sights and sounds of birds chirping; the eucalyptus forest that is replenishing itself offers colours that will amaze the eyes; and a long beach at low tide on which you can walk for miles or play a while is always a delight. This rarely crowded beach is the perfect place to spend a day offering soft waves for those who love to take a dip in the ocean and ample shade that lines the beach. Around sunset, scarlet macaws often are found in pairs in the trees above, and you may even spot a few monkeys that stop in for a regular visit.

Recreational Opportunities Available:

  • Kayak, nature tours, surf lessons, stand up paddle boarding, walking snorkeling.
  • Seasons Accessible: All seasons
  • Fees (if any): Park entrance


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