Town Revival in Dominical

Once a sleepy little town off the beaten path, “Domi” – as known by the locals, has gone through a resurgence. With the arrival of new investors and talent who demonstrate a willingness to make the town the best there can be, a newfound sense of pride has come into play. With resources and energy being put forth, the town has been revamped not only its infrastructure but also it’s attitude.

Pueblo del Rio’, found at the entrance of Dominical, is a bustling grass roots hub, and each new business that now calls it home, has something special to offer, with a keen eye on quality service and a focus on health and wellbeing, the small boardwalk is set up with a comfy and relaxed atmosphere. The town is now a destination that offers so much more than just surf. With Patrón’s at the center of it all, the concert’s they host bring big names to town, Saturday night’s are not to be missed if you are around. And beachfront is where you will see the biggest change, as you can walk from the North end to the South at a leisurely pace.


Just 44 km South of Quepos, Dominical awaits. It is the gateway that opens up Costa Ballena, a community and area with so much to experience and explore.





Playa Dominical

Great for intermediate and advanced surf, if you are an aficionado you will be delighted to find consistent wave action year round. And for those watching form shore, get ready to be impressed by the surfers who are cutting up the waves. Appreciation for the difficulty of this sport is inevitable after visiting this beach! It is also an ideal spot to catch a sunset and at low tide you can enjoy a long walk on the beach.


Located in Dominical


Playa Dominicalito / Las Rocas de Amancio

The most Northern entrance is where you will find a location so beautiful it will whisk you away, the waves that crash onto the rocks at high tide are amazing to see. From the middle of the bay, you can spot boats coming in, or while you are there try your hand at kayak or SUP on the waves. There are rocks in the shallows waters, so high tide is the best time to get out to paddle.


Access to the beach located near:

Porque No road/entrance

Public beach access KM 146

La Parcela road/entrance



Local Highlights


Catching a Sunset

Living close to the ocean we cannot escape the ebb and flow of the tides, and passing of each day. With the setting of the sun into the ocean, it can sometimes be a bittersweet moment, when you realize the day you just had, is one of the best of your life. Take time to enjoy each sunset, relish every day, and relax your tired feet as tomorrow is brand new day.


River Barú

Pueblo del Rio