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Photo by Mario Albi
Photo by Mario Albi

With my feet dangling out of a plane at 3000 metres up, that oh so natural thought, “what was I thinking?”comes to mind, and as it does, I wiggle my feet and a smile curls up, too late now. Even my eyes are smiling. I’m halfway out of a plane and strapped to another person, who is now counting down. I smirk, I shrug, I laugh at myself, roll my eyes, take a deep breath and, it’s a go! All I have to do now is hold on and enjoy the ride…

The feeling of the free fall. Oh, the feeling of free fall. Of a 360. Of realizing your doing a 360. The feeling of elation. Time does slow down. I, used that time to take a look around, to study the earth below, the landscaping, the plots of land, the ocean, the mountains, the feeling of free fall and moving your limbs, I soaked it all in. Then suddenly – a hard tug and up, oh yeah, there goes the parachute! I forgot! (But did I touch infinity?) I’m back and now, Arnold is putting the straps in my hands, I’m steering, oh my god, I’m steering a parachute! “Let’s go play in the clouds”he says…okay! I tug to my right, harder, the wind catches, we’re on the move. Now to the left, we’re in the clouds, it’s cold and fresh, it feels good. I’m laughing, and in that moment I decide, this is cool, this is way cool. We are playing in the clouds. He tells me to look down, at the rainbow, and points. At that moment my eyes witness our parachutes’shadow in the circular closed rainbow below, and we are in the clouds in a rainbow. Does it get any better?! I think not.

What made me want to jump? What makes me want to do any of the crazy, weird, seemingly nonsensical things I do? An adrenaline junkie? No way. Rewind three years, I was teary eyed on a zipline tour, hugging the trees at 300 metres up. So what changed in three years? The short answer, I moved to Costa Rica. It wasn’t the move though, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that easy. Rather the move was the trigger that started me on a new routine, a routine of routinely trying something new! The habit of change became part of my life when I moved. I began taking on new challenges regularly, pushing the envelope with myself, putting myself in deep waters, confronting fears. I invited change into my life and through it, have felt personal growth. After all, that is why I moved and what I am looking for, that is, to live a deeply rich, fulfilling life oriented towards growth. I just happen to be lucky enough to live in a place where other people come to vacation, so when I am looking for something fun to do, that pushes the limits, there are a wide variety of activities to choose from.

Do something today that your future Self will thank you for.

Why sky diving? Well, it was always something that intrigued me, it was about the feeling, I was curious to feel it, in the moment. My projections of what it could feel like weren’t enough anymore. Years ago I pondered the idea, and naturally I was scared to jump out of a plane, that part is a normal reaction, most people would agree. And before, I would have stopped at the fear, but now, I wanted to overcome the fear. To have the fear but do it anyways. I wanted to see how that felt. And there was the growth. I believe that if it doesn’t scare you, it won’t change you. I wanted to see how it would change me. And it has, it has given me perspective, appreciation for the life I have created for myself. I am proud of myself, I can see and feel the work, the effort that I have made in the past. As mentioned, three years earlier I was teary eyed, hugging trees at 300 meters up, now I was 3000 meters up and smiling ear to ear. This is one tangible example of change, and there are so many more. With that the future is exciting, exhilarating, and who knows what’s next (that’s the most exciting part)! So maybe now I am wired differently, my Costa Rican lifestyle has changed me for good, all I can say is that I feel alive, I feel fulfilled and I am happy, this is how I choose to carry myself in the world, today and everyday, for me this is my inspired life. What’s yours?



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