Let It Flow


Have you ever found yourself so immersed in an activity that you completely lost track of time, and when you did “call it quits for the day”, you found yourself happy, calm and contented? This feeling is an indication of having achieved flow. You can notice when you are in flow, when you are experiencing effortless, automatic, and full engagement in the activity.

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Costa Rica – The Story of a Life Well Lived


From the puns in the movies, to the mass media portrayals of Costa Rica being the place where “the lost souls of the world” go to find themselves, whatever it is about the country, we can all agree – it holds a unique mystique and appeal. What remains un-debated is that Costa Rica will leave an imprint on you forever more, whether you are here to stay or are just passing through.

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Chicas Con Proposito

The program was founded to encourage the younger girls of Dominical and Dominicalito by creating a positive environment. Athletics is renowned to deter negative and self damaging behavior. Therefore, it was natural that we looked at what sports are widely practiced and most accessible in the area. We found surf was the key.

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Villas de Oros

Bp villas del oroPleasant accommodations and modest prices with all of the Amazing southern region of Costa Rica right at your feet.Each of the five individual Villas boasts its own unique charm with pleasant, moderately priced accommodations and all gives you the opportunity of taking in the sights and sounds of the jungle from your own private balcony which has views of the river bed and the ocean.Your views may also include a variety of wildlife, birds such as Toucans, parrots, Macaws, white Egrets and a wide range of others. Enjoy what nature offers in flora and fauna….trees galore, some displaying flowers, nuts and fruit, the Ylang Ylang trees perfume the air. These trees often have monkeys trooping back and forth and don’t be surprised if at some point, the monkeys come through for a dip or bath in the river. The property itself has over 31/11/2 Acres with several walking paths situated above Tortuga Beach where there is a National Turtle Sanctuary encompassing many undisturbed Acres.

If you’re up for an adventure we can help you arrange and choose from the many tour options available in our region. We are also happy to help you with reservations at one of the nearby restaurants for an international culinary experience.

We also have a wide array of spa services for you choose from and enjoy in the privacy of your own villa! Just ask!


For more information, please see their website and facebook page.

Airborne Arts Costa Rica

BP airborne artsAirborne Arts is a paradise in Costa Rica offering accommodations, classes, and retreats in aerial artistry, flying trapeze, yoga and more. We overlook a 600 foot waterfall, the ocean and a lush valley. Challenge yourself artistically, open yourself to learning and self-discovery, Dream, Relax, Explore, Play, Create, Expand yourself.


For more information, please see their website and facebook page.

Alegría soul spa

BP alegria soul spaDifferent services like massages, energy treatments, facials and more are provided to pamper you entirely. All massages feature cooling, organic, cold pressed, fresh, coconut oil chosen for its amazing health benefits, therapeutically combined with organic rosemary essential oil to soothe sore muscles and improve lymphatic circulation.

Our spa treatments utilize all natural organic, restorative essences and pure, plant based, luxurious, skin care products made exclusively for Alegria.


For more information, please see their website and facebook page.

Ballena Homes

BP ballena homesWe, at “Ballena Homes”, decided to use our expertise that comes from living here in the jungle of Costa Rica, and having built our own homes; to help others build their homes at a better price point!
The Team at Ballena Homes has researched suppliers and alternative ways of building…and found some great resources….
We use local suppliers of innovative construction technologies, high quality products, to give you a high quality finished product.
We build quality, reliable, consistent, solid, affordable value homes.
We help you build a lower maintenance home, reducing your ongoing maintenance costs.
We assist you with your design, picking out your finishing’s, guide you through the process, so that you have a good experience and the quality of home you desire. Taking your idea to design, permits, lot prep, pre-construction, water management and landscape construction, including pools.
The Ballena Homes Team works in partnership with architects, designers, engineers, home construction specialists and infrastructure providers to deliver a complete range of professional services to our customers.


For more information, please see their website.