Vivero La Bonita

Are you in need of plants, trees, fruits, flowers? If this is the case, then Viveros la Bonita is the best place for you.

Our central offices are located in San Isidro, Pérez Zeledón, but our services are offered throughout all of Costa Rica, and internationally as well.

When its time to deal with fixing up or redesigning your yard, we are the most thought of and sought after, as we are specialists in gardening. We can help you plan your garden to your needs and desires, weather it be indoor plants or outdoor plants, as well as what types of fertilizer you should be using.

Among some of the plants that we offer for sale are flowering plants, palms, vines, andtropical plants.

Or if you want to beautify your property, we have fruit and forest trees for sale, as well as some of the more coveted species for exportation.

Our family has opened and run this business of cultivating plants and trees since 1973. We have been pioneers in this market and we continue to be the only producers of the majority of the different types of plants that we sell.

Our goal is this:

To offer you the best and healthiest varieties of vegetation in the region.


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Living Space Design & Building

BP living spaceEcological design is our key to including the incredible natural beauty of Costa Rica in a living space while creating a comfortable and safe home. We design around our client’s needs and desires, according to the available budget.  From the simplest, humble design to the finest, finished homes in the zone.

Our business has been built on the consistent performance and unrelenting attention to detail that is so vital when building custom homes. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship. Through solid, honest construction, our goal is to produce beautiful structures, while creating innovative, functional living spaces.


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La Lomita Mulch

Our company, Mulch La Lomita, is located in Bahia Ballena, in Uvita de Osa.

It’s a company created in a family setting, interested in using the waste of a nearby sawmill for the mulch fabrication and cattle dung as fertilizer in gardens or plantations.

We started the project in 2014 and we specialized in organic mulch fabrication and cattle manure reutilization. With this, our purpose is to reutilize waste, providing benefits to plants and crops, in a totally environmental friendly manner.

This way, we contribute embellishing even more the paradisiac sites of all the southern part of Costa Rica.

In addition to offering an excellent quality product for your garden, we are concerned that during the entire process there’s a good use of the resources and this way we contribute to the planet.


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Palmex Costa Rica

BP PalmexPalmex International has been producing material for synthetic palm roofs since 1998. Based in Eastern Canada, the company has rapidly grown into a full-fledged global corporation, with large-scale palm roof projects carried out in 42 countries all around the world. From traditional homes and major holiday resorts to renowned hotel complexes, our palm roofs have exceeded owners’ expectations, provided added value to their property ensuring a substantial return on investment and enhancing their living environment without the slightest concession to their natural surroundings.

Today, the company operates globally with a network of representatives to cover the entire planet and features palmex distributors in 26 countries. The quality of its synthetic palm product line, its reliable roofing services and environmental commitment have earned our parent company the rank of world leader in palm roof construction. Being a promising business with a dynamic R&D department, it has also received public funding and recognition. We scientifically develop and manufacture high quality artificial palm and accessories, then we test them in state-of-the art laboratories. Palmex International does not display faked certification logos on its Web site. All of its products have been tested as declared…


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Redizon Landscape

BP redizon landscapeA Redizon Landscape project begins with a thorough site analysis. Working in close consultation with our clients, conceptual designs are developed. Once the concept is agreed upon, detailed plans are drafted for the final design. Plants and other design elements will be selected from the rich palette of materials offered by the tropics. Redizon Landscape will construct outdoor spaces developed for your lifestyle.

An inviting outdoor environment is the heart of Costa Rican living.

Professional landscape design surrounds you with Costa Rican floral color, scent and texture. With a professional Redizon blueprint in hand, your outdoor infrastructure and landscape can be installed as part of the home-building process…

…or in planned stages as your budget and timing dictates.

Do you like formal garden spaces? Or is a more natural placement of flowering plants and trees your pleasure? Redizon and its team of professionals will listen attentively to your vision. Only then will they translate your ideas into a true reflection of Costa Rican ‘Pura Vida.’


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Royal Palm Interiors

BP royal palmAt Royal Palm Interiors, you’ll explore an exceptional world of quality furniture, upholstery, lighting, textiles, gifts andunique home accessories. These are products with tropical flair, stylish design and sensible pricing. We know they will appeal to your superb taste and free spirited individuality. After all, you have chosen Costa Rica as your home!

  • Furniture – Imported and National
  • Art & Mirrors
  • Beautiful and Varied Home Decor Items
  • Unique Gift Ideas
  • Bed & Bath Boutique – incl. Bamboo Sheets and Towels, pillows,protectors, etc.
  • Fans and Lighting – Banvil 2000
  • Blinds and Other Window Coverings
  • Custom Window Coverings, Bedding & Upholstery
  • Furniture Packages for New Home or Rental Units

We have over 25 years experience in the interior design industry: allow us to help you live your dream.


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Building in the Tropics

plants-costa-ricaYou would be amazed to watch the heavy rains that pour down and the grass that soaks it all up like a sponge, at a truly amazing absorption rate. Truly blessed with lush jungles and flowing rivers, after experiencing one rainy season, it becomes obvious not only why the forests are so rich, but it also becomes clear that one must design and build in order to account for the amount of rain, and the speed at which it falls. Here are a few con-siderations to maintain a comfortable home and low maintenance lifestyle. Continue reading