Surf in Dominical

Playa Dominical
Playa Dominical

Dominical is a surfer town not too far off the beaten path, just 27 miles (44 km) south of Quepos, a national airport, and within an hour’s drive from San Isidro El General. Dominical is the gateway to Costa Ballena and a paradise for surfers.

Year round consistent waves are served up at Playa Dominical and in the surrounding areas. This surf spot is perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers and if you are looking to learn, there are beaches in the area that are less intimidating for beginners with many surf schools who know the best spots that suit your level. Waves can reach heights of over 10 feet and there is a rip tide, so be sure to check in with locals before going in. Bring along a surf buddy, that way they can also attest to you crushing that wave you have been waiting to shred!

This is also a great spot to people watch, catch a sunset (a daily ritual locals honor), and get a bite to eat. Be sure to mark Dominical as a place to visit and be ready to be impressed by the surfers who are showing off their skills at high tide. Appreciation for the difficulty of this sport is inevitable after visiting Playa Dominical. It is world renowned as a hot spot for great surf in Costa Rica!

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