Stone Spheres

stone-spheresThere are no written stories to pass on; no tribes left to tell us about these nearly perfectly round spheres. Questions remain unanswered about why they were made, what tools were used to build them, and where the materials came from. Perhaps they were used as a part of a navigation system, maybe they are a missing piece of the Atlantis. Some simply speculate they were used to represent the status in a household or village, and many blew the spheres apart thinking there was gold in the centers. What is a fact is that locals agree there is something mystical about these spheres, a must see if you are visiting the Osa Peninsula.

Ranging in size, from 90 cm in diameter to 2 meters, the first spheres were discovered in 1939, when the United Fruit Company began developing their banana plantations in the Delta of the Diquis River. These rocks, made of “gabbro,” have immense energy; during the day, they are hot to the touch, reaching temperatures up to 54°C, and as low as 20°C at night. Archeologists are puzzled to find them as far as Caño Island. They know the transportation of the spheres must have been quite an undertaking, as some of them weigh up to six tons. They are thought to have been created as early as 200 BC, and amazingly, more of these mysterious spheres continue to be discovered in the Southern zone of Costa Rica every year.

The best place to see these pre-Columbian spheres is Finca 6, in Palmar Sur, where several spheres remain in their original position. Guided tours are available year round and offer a wealth of information regarding the history, surrounding the enigmatic spheres.

What is clear is that, while other regions have pyramids, obelisks, and monuments such as Stonehenge, Costa Rica’s stone spheres also offer a rare glimpse into a distant and mysterious past.


Sitio Arqueológico Finca 6
4km north of Sierpe
(506) 2100-6000
Open: 8 am-4 pm / Tuesday – Sunday
Guided tours are available year round.