Playa Ventanas

Playa Ventanas 01Playa Ventanas, located at 173 km off of the Costanera, is a great spot to spend the day. Ample shade at both low and high tide is available with coconut palms lining the beach.

As the beach is situated in a bay, it is a great spot for swimmers ad body surfing. Cut by the sea, large, natural, tunnel caves are ready to be explored. At high tide, making their way through the tunnels, the waves produce an amazing thundering sound. The water bursting through the cave openings are an amazing sight to witness.

There are two main caves to explore at low tide that offer an amazing experience for adventurers. With the water coming in and out with the tides reminding us of the ebb and flow of life, and the tiny creatures that line the walls of the dark caves, it can’t help but make your childhood wonder come alive. At high tide, the waves crash into the caves and create a thundering roar, it is a sight to see and the powerful sounds that echo from the opening of the caves can be heard from miles away.

playa ventanasAt the southern end of the beach there is a river to rinse off the salty ocean water and as you relax and look towards the mountain range you will set your sights on the green backdrop that the jungle offers. When you look out from the beach shoreline towards the Pacific Ocean you can see the rock formations Las Tres Hermanas (The Three Sisters), which are speculated as the rocks that have separated from the coast to form what are the caves of Playa Ventanas. You can also see Isla Ballena (Whales Island), to the North of the Three Sisters.

Weekends tend to be busy as many local families head to Playa Ventanas for a day of fun in the sun.

Entrance fee goes toward beach maintenance.

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