Paragliding Tour

paragliding1Discover the rush of flying! See Costa Rica from a bird’s point of view. The view of Costa Ballena is breathtaking from this vantage point. When conditions are perfect, you and your instructor will take a few steps running forward until you are both floating above the rainforest. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Both your hands are free so take pictures! paragliding2You will never forget this experience-but pictures are great. Ride the breezes to the foot friendly landing zone (your pilot/instructor will inform you how you will land and what you should do.) It’s a good idea to wear long pants, a windproof jacket and closed toe shoes. A pair of gloves is also recommended for hand protection and to keep your hands warm in flight. Length of your flight is typically 15-30 minutes.

Cost: $115 per person  (sometimes prices vary slightly)
Duration: Half Day


Contact us if you would like to book this tour!


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