One would not believe that just 15 years ago the land was barren, completely cut down and used as cattle pasture, it was not the lush mountain forest we know it as today.

These days, Ojochal is home to various works of living art, as many homeowners take pride in their manicured and fruitful gardens. Ojochal, named after the “Ojoche” tree, also known by natives of the area as the tree of life (as one can consume the tree from root to leaf), is a quiet village that is home to many expatriates and snow birds alike. Also well-known for its large FrenchCanadian expatriate community, Ojochal boasts a strong community with a wide diversity of people, whether it is culturally speaking or professionally. It has a cosmopolitan community and you never know who you may meet at one of the various social events held throughout the year, fascinating people and fascinating stories light up conversations.

It is hands down, the culinary destination of the South Pacific. With fine dining ranging from Mediterranean to Indonesian, you are sure to be amazed by the culinary talent that each restaurant offers. There are no ATMs or banks; there is a supermarket, home hardware store, local public school and a gas station. If you are looking to find some calm or raise your family, this quaint, residential village is perfect, and the local community will always make you feel welcome.

Ojochal possesses great mountain views and for walkers who love to get out in the morning the ‘Perezoso loop’ makes for a great walk of about 5 km which showcases the beautiful greenery of the mountain range and also features some of the best ocean views found in the area. Some views include that of the Térraba River, the largest river mouth opening in Costa Rica, ‘Isla Garza’, Drake’s Bay, Osa Peninsula, and on clear days views reach ‘Isla del Caño’. If you live in the lowlands of ‘el pueblo’, around 4 o’clock you can sit back and enjoy a breeze that carries the scent of the ylang ylang trees through the village, and listen to the bustling of workers heading jovially home for the evening. A river runs through the entire length of Ojochal and a tree that denotes a fork in the road makes it feel homey and you are reminded of the simplicities of life.

When you are looking for some fun in the sun, Playa Tortuga is the closest beach, followed by Playa Ventanas, Playa Piñuelas, and Playa Ballena. As for services, Ciudad Cortés and Palmar Sur, both within a 30 minute drive from Ojochal; offer all the services you will need. There is an airport in Palmar Sur with national flights thatdepart daily. And many decide to reside just outside the town, in areas such as Piñuelas to the North, or Coronado to the South.

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