MangoThe Mango, also called the Queen of Fruits, is found in the supermarkets nearly all over the world. It’s one of the most important crop plants, growing in the tropical rainforest and especially in India, who makes a lot of money by exporting this delicious fruit. Mango is so popular because it offers a great snack, a multifaceted oil and has healing effects. All over the world more than 1000 different varieties exist.

Glass_of_Mango_JuiceYou know that a Mango is ripe, if it has a sweet smell, gives in if squeezed slightly and if you can see little black dots on the skin. The best way to get the sweet pulp is to peel it with a sharp knife, although it’s very hard to get the pulp off of the big seed in the middle of the Mango. Nonetheless, there are many creative possibilities, just take a look at the video below. You can find this sweet fruit in juices, smoothies, jams, salads and a huge number of other recipes. In addition to its delicious flavour, the Mango has positive impact to your body. For example it can calm your bowel, help your heart and when eaten it produces a hormone, which increases your personal well-being. The Mango oil, which is made of the seed, is similar to cocoa butter and is used for chocolate or cosmetics, like shampoo or body lotion.

Among all the benefits the mango offers, what’s your favourite way to use it?