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9 Release of the turtles at Playa Tortuga - by Nikki WhelanCosta Ballena is not only the habitat for Whales and Dolphins but also for other species that need protection, for example sea turtles. Playa Tortuga, dubbed the “Seaturtle Beach“, in the neighbouring Ojochal, is a nesting place for the animals.

Most common, is the Olive Ridley Sea turtle, which is approximately 65 cm, and 35-45kg. There are also three other species that are found, they are the Leatherback, Green Seaturtle, and Hawksbill Turtles. Unfortunately, all of these species are in danger of extinction. Please help by taking care not to drive vehicles on the beach or altering the beach unnaturally (for example: fires at night or driving on the beach with a motorized vehicle).

At Reserva Playa Tortuga, a non-profit organization, makes an effort to protect those turtle nests in the area and does research about the turtles. You too can join them and release hatchlings during the July through to December. The peak of the nesting period is in September and October, be sure not to miss out!

Contact Information:
Reserva Playa Tortuga
Cientro Cientifico de Investigación y Conservación
Ojochal de Osa, Puerto Cortés,
Puntarenas, Costa Rica


About the Writer Johanna Jaeger


Johanna is visiting Costa Rica from Germany. After having finished school, she wanted to see the world, learn another language and get insight as to becoming a travel writer, so she decided to go abroad as a volunteer with the organization “Planet Conservation”, that specializes in language exchange programs and volunteering programs in Costa Rica. Contact spanish@diversityschool.org.