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Rewind back to twenty years ago, I was on my first trip to Costa Rica. I had just opened my first flying trapeze location and was looking to slim down. Costa Rica being renowned for adventure sports, my trip was designed to help me shape up while having fun. My training partner and I ran eight miles – mid day, climbed rope and explored towns in the Nicoya Peninsula. I came back to Costa Rica during many US winter seasons – trapeze in tow, and throughout the years have made many excellent friends here.

And now, taking the story to just a few years ago, when my wife and I began looking for a place to call home, the idea that had both of us excited was the thought of pursuing more Costa Rican adventures. Our core idea was to have a set up that looked very much like an early retirement. So we set off. We looked in Montezuma but couldn’t quite find the right magic. We drove into the Barú Valley, in the mountains above Dominical, and that is where we found an incredible property. The direct view of a 600 foot waterfall – amazing! And it was a miracle, the land was available. I couldn’t imagine anything better than living in epic beauty surrounded by ancient, primary forests while toucans could fly through the yard.

“Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison

And it most definitely has turned out to be everything we were looking for, it is a feeling unmatched by anything I have ever known. The view from our bedroom is incredible, we look directly at Diamante falls. Furthermore, that view is accompanied with one of lush green valleys, that spans far across the mountainous landscape, stretching beyond Manuel Antonio. We have found our most cherished times are sharing Costa Rica’s beauty, lifestyle and adventure with as many people as we can, and lots, lots of flying trapeze!

Pieces of Advice

  • Come to Costa Rica with only a vague plan. Let the people you meet determine the path that you are to discover.
  • Drink lots of Costa Rican water because it’s far better than anywhere else in the world – and it’s free!
  • Make sure your career concerns are met. We needed to make sure Christine could easily hop on a flight to be able to perform anywhere around the world. There is a small airport nearby with easy transfers to the international airport – problem solved.


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About Jonathon & Christine


Jonathon Conant built his life around the belief that anything is possible and everyone can benefit when your dreams become reality. Jonathon plays, writes and sings music in his spare time, and always enjoys the opportunity to perform for and with his friends – the more trapeze the better! As a seven time consecutive National Champion, Female Olympic Athlete of the Year, and Athlete of the Decade, renowned performer, motivational speaker and expert instructor, Christine Van Loo masters anything she chooses to make her craft. She loves to inspire and share her love of merging art with athleticism.

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