Photo by Mario Albi
Photo by Mario Albi

Geobiology is the study of how the Earth influences all living matter; human, animalor plantlife. As it pertains to building your home, addressing negative geobiological factors can correct different natural and artificial elements that affect your long term health.

Some common aspects to consider are electromagnetic fields, underground water sources, radon beneath the earth’s surface and the identification of cracks or spaces that are below the foundations of your home. Geobiology also addresses theHartmann and Curry lines, electromagnetic lines that cover the entire globe. If they converge they create a vortex that has a dangerous effect on one’s health.

All of these factors will greatly amplify the negative influence on your home and youwill find that once geobiological factors have been accounted for in your home, a magnetic forcewilltransformimportant facetsin your everyday life and health.

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