Fruit and Vegetable Heaven!

fruit-basket-costa-ricaWith trees bearing fruit year round, local vegetables cultivated in almost any terrain (a local saying goes “plant it in the ground and watch it grow”), and local artisans pouring love into their craft, our taste buds have become indulged by all Costa Ballena has to offer!

With high quality and accessibility to fresh food almost everywhere, fruit stands can be found in every town, and with low cost options at farmer’s markets, you’ll find living a healthy lifestyle becomes easy. Once you are acquainted with the seasonality of the fruits and vegetables that grow locally, you will be looking forward to the mangos that ripen in June, and the mamon chinos andmangosteens that become available in July through August. An added bonus, your cooking skills will improve with no effort at all, the quality of the ingredients gives us all an extra hand in the kitchen. And for those concerned about meat sources, “happy chickens” are readily available, just ask around and you’ll be able to source some organic chickens and their eggs.

Indian Mulberry

Commonly known as Noni, the super fruit, it is packed with many powerful antioxidants and compounds that are believed to increase vitality. Rich in selenium, which promotes skin elasticity, glycosides, a defense against free radicals, and terpines, a great detoxifier. Noni grows year round and because of its pungent smelland strong taste it is given away freely by locals who harvest the tree.

As for medicinal and curative plants, fruits and vegetables, they are once again available in ample supply and variety. A few popular examples include: soursop, locally known as guanabana, a great anti-cancer fruit that can be eaten fresh or put into a blender; turmeric, great for detoxification and anti-inflammation, can be found fresh for you to transform, or visit a farmer’s market and you’ll find some ready to consume to save yourself the hassle; a local variety of ‘limones’, not quite a lemon, not quite a lime, is used almost everywhere and helps cleanse; lemon grass, grown to help keep insects away and great to use in tea accompanied with some fresh local ginger; and ‘hombre grande’ that works great on any skin rash. There are also cosmetic plants that grow; like shampoo ginger that will leave your hair soft and smooth, and because our coconut oil is so pure, you’ll be using it everywhere not just in your cooking but even in your hair. Sage bushes can be driedand used as incense to purify energies. The ylang ylang tree provides sweet breezes to everyone that comes near. Talking with locals is always interesting, as we all have our tricks and tips that help us live healthy energized lives. Another important point for healthy living is water supply; in Costa Ballena we are very fortunate to have ample accessibility to various clean water sources, once again making our area unique.

You’ll find you have never tasted food that makes your taste buds come so alive, until you have come to Costa Rica, and we doubt you’ll find another place on earth where there is an abundance of mangos, avocados, yucca and so many more fruits and vegetables that taste ‘oh so good’! And the coffee, don’t get us started!

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