Forjando Alas

Forjando-alas-uvita-kids-funFojando Alas, meaning “Building Wings” is a foundation that cares for the wellness of children and adolescents in Uvita and Bahia Ballena and was established in 2011. It is a place for children to go after school, a place where they can play, do their homework and practise arts in a supportive atmosphere and learn values such as respect, responsibility and unity.
Also the children are taught the importance of protecting the environment for example by cleaning the beach together at the weekend or putting up signs that say “Yo no tiro basura” ¨(I do not throw trash) in the community.

Another important mission of Forjando Alas is the prevention of drug use and child abuse. The founder Courtney Fletcher recognized that some children and youth spent a lot of time after school roaming the streets, sometimes getting involved in problems ranging from robbery to sexual abuse to drug use. Forjando Alas has been established with the intention that the children spend their free time in constructive activities and develop personal skills to stay away from drugs.


Forjando Alas is looking to move their center from a rented building to a new, owned property in order to guarantee the continued support for the children of this community.
Please consider donating to help them with the construction of the new center.

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