For the Love of Food (& Beer!)

Rees and I discovered the Uvita area back in 2011. A friend of ours from Santa Cruz, California invited us to come down to his place in Costa Rica to celebrate Rees’ 30th birthday. We absolutely loved our experience and started taking longer and longer vacations, that is, until one day we decided to pack our lives into a few suitcases and make the move.

11411923_552801928191163_683130577739062232_oOur plan was to open up a microbrewery in Ojochal. We got as far as buying a piece of land, that was before the Roadshack, our favourite local hot spot, suddenly closed down. We were hooked on the sandwiches and Costa Rican craft beer that the previous owner sold. Suddenly, we could no longer find good beer without having to drive to Manuel Antonio, and I couldn’t quite duplicate the “Costanera” (sandwich) at home. Someone needed to re-open the restaurant and we needed something to do. So we decided to take on the Roadshack!

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”

– Wayne Dyer

12011149_595392977265391_3262175323011952029_nThis November will mark the beginning of our second year as the owners. It has been a lot of work and has also been very rewarding. We are happy to be able to provide great beer, good food, and live music to the crowd in Uvita. It was not our original plan, but even then, the best laid plans should always leave room for improvement. We feel extremely lucky to have such a great staff working with us. Rees’ uncle, Jason, who we also recruited in our move, quit his job in California to come down and help manage the restaurant. Our chef, Aristoteles, and our server, Jeison, both from Costa Rica, are incredibly hard workers and have become good friends as well.

We now rent our friend’s house that we used to come vacation in and have plans to build a house of our own on our lot we purchased, which may include a brewery someday. That dream is still going, even if it takes us a while to get there! The natural beauty of this area is intoxicating and when it is combined with the wonderful people who live here you couldn’t ask for a better place to live. We are lucky to have found this little slice of paradise we now call home.


About Betsy & Rees

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.16.20 PMBetsy loves to bake and cook up a storm, and Rees loves to enjoy her kitchen creations, when not hustling on the floor at Roadshack. Rees and Betsy have been together for 9 years. They moved to Costa Rica from Santa Cruz, CA. They enjoy kicking it back with a good beer, good music and good friends.