Essentials of Costa Rica – Pieces of Advice

Photo by Ruben Roman
Photo by Ruben Roman

A rich experience awaits and to help facilitate integration, it is highly recommended to take a few Spanish courses before coming or to sign up for classes once you havearrived. Although English is generally spoken, if you plan on living here awhile and integrating into the community, a little Spanish goes a long way. Even for simple transactions, having a foundation of the basics of the language can greatly improve the ease of which things get done. Locals appreciate you trying, and when they see you try, it makes them want to get to know you and share their wealth of knowledge. Medicinal cures, ways of thinking, knowledge about the land, locals holdthe key and it would be a shame that a language barrier be the block to accessing some of the rich experiences these interactions hold. If you are planning on running a business, learning Spanish could be what turns your business into a success and itis, after all, a sign of respect towards the language and the people of the country you have chosen to make your home. The ability to communicate in Spanish will enrich and facilitate your experience, guaranteed.

A 4-wheel drive vehicle is indispensible when living in Costa Ballena. Due to the landscape, not much of the terrain is flat for long and in order to be able to reach the breathtaking views that are strung along the coast, one must first get there; a good, reliable vehicle needs to be included in the budget. And with a vehicle comes maintenance. Find a trustworthy mechanic and get regular tune-ups, maintenance is less expensive than repair.

Be informed and have a good mix of local community members and professionals within your social network. Costa Ballena offers a great deal of professionals who are there to help and want to ensure your success. Policy and laws change constantly; people make it their business to inform themselves about these updates, lean on them for advice.

Without a doubt, a resounding individual trait that local wisdom echoed was that anyone attempting a move needs to foster patience. Each culture has their idiosyncrasies, awareness and understanding of these customs and ways of doing things can help cultivate patience. When expectations are set and communicated clearly, things run smoothly. Things are done different here and things move slower. After all that’s why most of us, if not all, have moved here. And when difficulties arise, as in any transition they will, frame it in the positive, maintain appreciation for what is, take a step back and breathe in new perspective. As the saying goes, you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. It’s all a matter of attitude. Let’s de-stress, Pura Vida!


A Poetic Culture!

When a woman is pregnant they say she is “con luz,” or “with light.”

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