costa_rican_crocodilesCosta Rica has one of the highest rates of crocodile attacks in the Americas.
Some lakes, rivers and lagoons of Costa Rica are the habitat of Crocodiles, so you should follow some safety advices.

You should always respect the habitat of the crocodiles, especially protected areas of rivers and lakes. Crocodiles should never be fed and children should never get out of sight.
In case you spot a crocodile, keep a sufficient distance to it. Keep in mind that the reproduction period takes place in the month from September to June of the following year and in this time you should pay special attention.
In case of a crocodile attack you should keep calm and not try to fight with the crocodile. Try to put your fingers in its eyes and defend yourself with any instrument you have with you while doing this.
When you have liberated yourself from the animal, swim away as fast as possible, using the currents to accelerate yourself.

Every person that is present during an attack should help by hitting the animal’s head with any available instrument.

Mayor precaution should be taken at the following spots: Río Tempisque, Río Bebedero, Río Sarapiquí, Tortuguero, Reventazón, Jesús María, Tárcoles, Tulín, Paquita and Térraba.