Creating New Energy Through Color & Community

pueblo-alegre-houseThis past year, a dynamic group of locals and artists rallied volunteers together to make the beautification project come alive in Uvita! Known as ‘Pueblo Alegré Uvita’, the idea of ‘painting the town happy’ was inspired by the personal experience of one of Costa Ballena’s longtime residents, Karen, who witnessed the creative transformation in her hometown village on the west coast of Florida. “Color matters”, she says, “it plays a vital role in the way we feel.” Indeed, subliminally, certain colors can make people happier. The human psyche tires of dull greys, and blah browns but a vibrant yellow adds an artistic panache, and can cheer up curb appeal with the paint of a brush, making a building look revitalized, and it can do so, inexpensively!!!

The ultimate goal of the community project is to encourage pride in our community, to provide resources for local business owners, to encourage the economy for those small businesses, and to help create a vibrant, feel-good town that makes people smile every time they visit. Just like the bright buildings found in many of the most attractive towns around the world, we too share that one iconic characteristic, the buildings are brightly painted. From ‘Cinque Terre’, in Italy, to Old San Juan in Puerto Rica, then heading South to Valparaiso, in Chile, and back over the continent to Cape Town, Africa, these are just a few cities that have inspired our community to get together and paint together.

For information on ‘Painting Parties’ and Cocktology Fundraising Events, join us at: PuebloAlegreUvita

About the Contributing Writer Karen McCrea

karen-McCreaA seven year resident, Karen McCrea, is a retired flight attendant from American Airlines, who recently sold her home and vacation rental in Costa Ballena. Far from leaving Costa Rica, she plans to start building anew again! For Karen, the best part of Costa Ballena is the natural beauty of the area, the incredible friends she has made, and the opportunity to create a new life for herself exploring creative opportunities such as writing, painting, photography, and gardening.

A special thanks goes out to the organizers Karen McCrea, Marcela Sequeira Duarte, Nate Bright, Pilar Dalinger, plus many, many volunteers, generous donors, and artists such as Freddy Blandon, Bromley Vassell, and Lily Shopteau! Thank you for helping our community come together and create lasting memories.