Costa Rica – The Story of a Life Well Lived


From the puns in the movies, to the mass media portrayals of Costa Rica being the place where “the lost souls of the world” go to find themselves, whatever it is about the country, we can all agree – it holds a unique mystique and appeal. What remains un-debated is that Costa Rica will leave an imprint on you forever more, whether you are here to stay or are just passing through.

People come for healing and to break away from the mundane. In Costa Ballena, there are plenty of holistic and health conscious minded individuals, as well as many physically active sports enthusiasts who have found their haven. Being that year round the weather is enjoyable, everyday residents are able to actively pursue daily outdoor activities, from sports to gardening, to hiking and birdwatching. For retirees, the laid back lifestyle, along with the health benefits has more and more snowbirds coming down each year. If you are a young family, the appeal of getting back to basics, growing your own food, swimming in fresh waters, and if you believe that it takes a community to raise a family, you may just have found your new roots.

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.”

And perhaps the most obvious trait that makes the “Rich Coast” one beyond compare, is the people who live here. What will pull your heart strings the most is their incredible kindness – they will share their last ‘cerveza’ – and we all know how important that is! So maybe it’s true to some degree, the people who come can be sensitive souls, those who have chosen to wander and look for something more. Searching for a lifetime of experiences, real and raw, and full. Wanting a taste of this so often promised “pure life”, it’s the immersion into what is real that makes it so. Nature cannot be fabricated, and living in close proximity with the wildlife and natural elements can provide a more gracious, profound and appreciative outlook on life – just try it, you will see! It’s the simplicity of it all that brings the life inside alive. And this last is also the reward, nature can nurture us into abundance.

In Costa Ballena, with lush jungle backdrops, one is able to fully immerse themselves into nature, and by extension also into the present moment by showing us what we are grateful for. In the wings of a butterfly, in the scent of fresh flowers, it is when we stop to appreciate what is already around us, what is given to us naturally, that we can take a moment, close our eyes, feel the sun on our skin and a smile on our face, perhaps with tears welling up in the corner of our eyes, as we realize this is it, and say thank you for this one, precious life.

Truly, the lifestyle can be one that supports your goals towards continual growth and the ongoing enjoyment of life; no matter what age you are or where you are in life, the Costa Rican lifestyle can be the life well lived.