One-day Trip to Manuel Antonio

If you are staying in Uvita for a couple of days and would like to visit one of Costa Rica’s most popular national parks, it is very easy to plan a one-day trip to Quepos to see exotic animals and relax at the beautiful beaches. The cheapest way to go there is taking the bus. Each day you can choose between the 5:30am and the 11:40am bus, however it is recommendable to take the early one to enjoy more time in the national park. Continue reading

Some of the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary’s Permanent Residents

central-american-white-nose-coatimondi_lThe oldest and maybe also the most famous animal of the rescue center is “Baba”, a pizote that has lived with Mike Graeber, the director, for about 11 years now, which is very unusual as a pizote’s life span is only 8 years. Before coming to the sanctuary, he took part in different TV shows like on National Geographic and on the BBC. In spite of two opportunities to be released to the jungle, Baba could not be reintegrated to the wild as he was almost killed once and the other time some people kept him in their house for a couple of days. He eventually returned to the sanctuary. Today, he has become a kind of celebrity at Alturas and is widely known in Dominical. Continue reading

The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary’s Team

Without a doubt the centre needs very competent, committed staff to maintain a place like the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and to offer appropriate treatment to all the exotic animals experiencing the hardest time of their lives. Sympathy, compassion and love are at the forefront in this community setting. Moreover, every helping hand of volunteers and donators is appreciated to deal with the daily challenges at Alturas. Continue reading

Mission “Rescue-Rehabilitate-Release“

What about visiting a place where you could probably see more exotic animals of Costa Rica in an hour than in a whole month? The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, located just behind the Villas Alturas Resort in Dominical, is a non-profit organization that dedicates its work to rescue, rehabilitate and release wild animals that have been confiscated from illegal pet domestication or trade, suffered from road accidents or are orphaned babies whose parents can no longer take care of them. Continue reading

Sierpe Mangroves & Wildlife Tour

Mangrove in Bahía
Mangrove in Bahía

Want to see wildlife up close? Then the mangroves in Sierpe are just up your alley! Each time I have visited I have seen a myriad of birds, from blue herons to bright red scarlet macaws, each time I have watched the monkeys play on the river banks, and time after time there have been crocodiles sunbathing on the riverbanks. Continue reading

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

white-faced-monkeyThe Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is perfectly located in the beautifully exotic and sometimes remote Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. The sanctuary is their passion as it is to help the distressed wildlife from all over the country. Continue reading

Stop and Smell…the Flowers

Known for its lush landscape, Costa Ballena is blessed with amazingly eye pleasing flora, many of these plants also hold various medicinal properties. Feast your eyes on a few of them!
Continue reading