Purchasing Property

The process of purchasing property in Costa Rica is fairly similar to that found in theUnited States and Canada, with a certified ‘escritura’ and ‘plano’ required for most transactions. Continue reading

How to Choose a View

There are many factors when considering a view: jungle versus ocean; closed and intimate versus open and expansive; Infinite Ocean versus Natural Landmark; manyelements are to be taken into account and the final decision depends on the person,their preferences and more often than not, their budget. Continue reading

Costa Rica as an Investment Opportunity

costa-rica-coastlineCosta Rica is the longest-standing democracy and has one of the highest standards of living in Central America. The economy is stable, with future investment into public services and infrastructure planned. Continue reading

What’s a Dollar Worth to You?

Go ahead and read articles by Forbes, International Living, review the complex world-wide indexes that measure cost of living and overall happiness, but if you ask me how it all adds up, I sum it up with what a ‘cold’ one costs me locally. The average beer bought in a bar or restaurant in the United States runs you a shocking $3.00-$4.50. If you want to go for a premium beer, you can pay upwards of $7.00. In Costa Rica, at your local ‘soda’, you’ll pay a dollar. Elsewhere, it can range upwards to $3.00 for local beers, and upwards of $4.00 for premium beers. In Panama, you’ll pay about a dollar as well for a local brew. If you take the median of each of the respective countries’ ranges, the US is almost twice as expensive!
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Costa Ballena: A Welcoming Community

Photo by Joan Weilers
Photo by Joan Weilers

Costa Ballena is what we locals refer to as the coastal region, comprised of three towns: Dominical, Uvita, and Ojochal. Costa Ballena’s trademark is it’s welcoming community. There are many social activities that provide a way to connect with fellow community members throughout any day of the week, and year round. Whole-heartedly committed to enjoying all life has to offer, the people who populate the area are diverse and easy going. Continue reading

Economy & Politics

Photo by Joan Weilers
Photo by Joan Weilers

For decades Costa Rica has stood out for its stability and has benefited from the most developed welfare system within the Latin Americas. As an upper middle-income country, Costa Rica has experienced steady economic expansion over the past 25 or so years. The post-1980s economic growth is the product of a strategy of outward-oriented, export-led growth, openness to foreign investment; and gradual trade liberalization. Foreign investors remain attracted by the country’s political stability and relatively high education levels, as well as the incentives offered in the free-trade zones. Traditionally dependent on coffee, banana and beef exports, Costa Rica has diversified its economy over the more recent decades. Continue reading

Cost of Living

Photo by Joan Weilers
Photo by Joan Weilers

A common consensus is that a person living alone will likely need $1,200-$2,000 US per month to live a comparable lifestyle to what they are accustomed to in North America. Ultimately, the consensus is that the of your total expenses will depend on the lifestyle that is adopted. Continue reading