The History of Pura Vida

Life is what you make of it ~ Pura Vida
Life is what you make of it ~ Pura Vida

Pura Vida. These two simple words, literally meaning “pure life”, are the perfect description of the lifestyle and attitudes of Costa Rica and its happy inhabitants: appreciating the little things, enjoying the simple life, and always having time for a cold beer or visit to the beach with family and friends. It’s easy to see that this beloved country slogan far surpasses its casual stateside counterparts like “The Show Me State” for Missouri, or “Georgia is for Lovers”. Beyond its most basic translation (pure life), Pura Vida can be used in a wide array of expressions, similar to Hawaii’s “Mahalo”, making it simple for tourists to embrace the Pura Vida spirit while on their travels. For some, it has even infiltrated our everyday vocabulary, and so if your Spanish is a little rusty, and you want to fit in like a local, when in doubt just say “Pura Vida”!
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Costa Rica – The Story of a Life Well Lived


From the puns in the movies, to the mass media portrayals of Costa Rica being the place where “the lost souls of the world” go to find themselves, whatever it is about the country, we can all agree – it holds a unique mystique and appeal. What remains un-debated is that Costa Rica will leave an imprint on you forever more, whether you are here to stay or are just passing through.

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Top 3 Activities for Nature Lovers

You came to Costa Rica because you love its abundant diversity of flora and fauna which is almost unique in the whole world? Now, you have some days to discover the Costa Ballena and need some advice for trips and activities? Continue reading

One-day Trip to Manuel Antonio

If you are staying in Uvita for a couple of days and would like to visit one of Costa Rica’s most popular national parks, it is very easy to plan a one-day trip to Quepos to see exotic animals and relax at the beautiful beaches. The cheapest way to go there is taking the bus. Each day you can choose between the 5:30am and the 11:40am bus, however it is recommendable to take the early one to enjoy more time in the national park. Continue reading

International calendar


New Year’s Day (January 1): Official Holiday. People can enjoy a day off from work and recover from the New Year’s Eve parties.

Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27)



World Cancer Day (February 4)

International Childhood Cancer Day (February 15): Raising awareness and money to help children all over the world who suffer from cancer.

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Some of the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary’s Permanent Residents

central-american-white-nose-coatimondi_lThe oldest and maybe also the most famous animal of the rescue center is “Baba”, a pizote that has lived with Mike Graeber, the director, for about 11 years now, which is very unusual as a pizote’s life span is only 8 years. Before coming to the sanctuary, he took part in different TV shows like on National Geographic and on the BBC. In spite of two opportunities to be released to the jungle, Baba could not be reintegrated to the wild as he was almost killed once and the other time some people kept him in their house for a couple of days. He eventually returned to the sanctuary. Today, he has become a kind of celebrity at Alturas and is widely known in Dominical. Continue reading

The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary’s Team

Without a doubt the centre needs very competent, committed staff to maintain a place like the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and to offer appropriate treatment to all the exotic animals experiencing the hardest time of their lives. Sympathy, compassion and love are at the forefront in this community setting. Moreover, every helping hand of volunteers and donators is appreciated to deal with the daily challenges at Alturas. Continue reading