Blessing in Disguise

zahara-2Nearly a decade ago I was diagnosed with an advanced stage, very aggressive form of cancer. And almost a decade ago, in Costa Rica, I also cleansed my body of cancer in less than six months – and, I have continued living cancer free ever since. I feel supremely blessed to have had this experience.

Many people may find it absurd to hear me say that I find it a blessing to have once been diagnosed with cancer. Yet for me it was such an amazing, transformative, and empowering experience that I cannot see it any other way. I have been deeply involved in working with the physical body for many years. I am a dancer, a yogi, a professional TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner, a nutritionist, detoxification expert, and a health coach, among many other things. I have had the amazing opportunity to learn about healing many issues through my own body. Cancer was one of the biggest lessons.

IMG_5061Of course there were moments of fear, yet overall I chose to stay optimistic and enter into my healing journey as a stu-dent and as a warrior – learning what really works to heal cancer efficiently, safely, naturally, and inexpensively. I courageously dove into this work. I formulated a plan of action based on a lot of research, professional experience, and personal intuition. Through detoxification, dietary and herbal therapies, organ cleansing, emotional balancing, yoga, meditation, and a rich spiritual practice, I kicked cancer out of my body with record speed! This process taught me the power of faith, positive thinking, determination, and empowered living. I chose to avoid wasting time feeling like a victim or looking for someone or something to come and fix me. Instead I tapped into my core essence of personal empowerment, and chose to take action to transform my reality. I refused to listen to the doom and gloom dished out to me by the medical professionals. I refused to absorb the fear and worry of loved ones. I made up my mind to heal, I took action to heal, and I did heal.

This experience not only left me with a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life and the power of natural healing; it also gave me some amazing tools to share with others who are in need of healing. I learned that living an authentically empowered life is the best way, always. I succeeded so I may live as an example and to help others realize that they can also overcome their greatest challenges.

IMG_4718Since I succeeded in healing cancer I have continued to live an inspired and grateful life. One of my greatest inspirations had been to create a natural healing center in the rainforest – a place where people can come to receive support, guidance, and education to heal, within a beautiful natural setting, nourished by healthy food, medicinal plants, and health strengthening therapies.

I am now living that dream as a reality in Costa Rica. I am able to use my personal and professional experiences to help others heal and realize the true empowerment that lies within them. Within each of us is infinite potential. We have the power to heal or transform anything in our lives. The only thing that can stop us is our own fears, doubts, inhibitions, and apathy. My healing journey was not just for me. It was for many others as well. My own struggles with illness helped me to find a deeper purpose and meaning, and to become a servant in helping others regain health and happiness. For this I am eternally grateful and awesomely inspired!

About the Writer Zahrah Sita

zahara-1Zahrah leads natural healing programs at Awakening Soul Healing Sanctuary (, located in the Chirripo Valley. Zahrah has trained with master healers and shamans of various modalities, and was raised in a family of healers, learning the craft of making natural remedies at a young age. She also incorporates Ayurvedic Healing Therapies, Organ Cleansing, Dietary Therapies, Detoxification, Yoga, Western, Eastern, and Tropical Plant Cures, Energy Healing, and more into her practices. Follow her journey at