biribaNot to be confused with the Biribiri, the Biriba is another fantastic fruit of Costa Rica. Its official name is Rollinia deliciosa and it is native to tropical South America. A characteristic is its scalelike skin, which looks rough and hard, but actually it is really soft. Behind the extraordinary skin hides a white, soft and sweet pulp with big black seeds in it. The flesh of the Biriba is comparable to a smooth, velvety custard. But don’t worry, they can be taken out very easily.


berimbauThe Biriba is usually eaten out of hand, but the Brazilians also make wine out of it. Not only is the fruit useful for humans, the Biriba tree also holds value. Its wood is used for building boats and out of the young tree the indigenous people in Brazil make a traditional instrument, called Berimbau.


How do you eat your Biriba?