Green Season is the best time to Visit Costa Rica

Yes, locals flip for joy during the low season. Photo by Michael Fernandez
Yes, locals flip for joy during the low season.
Photo by Michael Fernandez

Are you a bargain hunter? Surf rider? Nature lover? …always wanted to visit Costa Rica but didn’t think you could handle the heat, scorching sun or buses full of tourists? Well, here’s a local’s tip, the best time to travel and experience Costa Rica is during “Veranillo de San Juan” (Dog days of summer) and the Green Season, also known as the rainy season. As local guide, Barney, explained to me, “Veranillo de San Juan” is “the last chance to make money before the rainy season”. Tour operators are flexible, long term room rates can be negotiated, not to mention, you receive personalized service everywhere you go. There are less people around in general, so you feel as if you are VIP, not saying you aren’t, but it’s as if you’ve just rented out the entire hotel for you and your friends at a really awesome one room a night rate! Score! Let the vacation begin.
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Envision Festival – A Transformational Experience

From humble beginnings, rooting back to just four years ago, Envision has matured from a backyard community gathering into an internationally acclaimed Transformational Festival that has participants flocking from the four corners of the globe. Now getting ready for it’s sixth annual, four day event, which this year will be held February 24th through February 28th Envision will host dozens of international musical and performance acts, yoga and movement workshops, and eco-educational lectures. The venue, located just outside of Uvita de Osa, at Rancho La Merced, a National Wildlife Refuge that protects 506 hectares of primary and secondary tropical wet forest, holds the space for the festival participants to take in all Costa Rica has to offer. Continue reading

Are you Experienced?

And by that I mean, have you ever experienced music? Truly felt it, let it in and let it move you?

My first time was at a Festival in Costa Rica and I was 29. It’s not as though I had been sheltered all my life from music, rather to the contrary, I’ve seen many Operas, attended symphonies and concerts, played a musical instrument in high school, grooved out in the privacy of my own home and head with ear phones on and the volume up, I consider myself to be an amateur really. Yet somehow, before that day, almost a year ago to the day, I was none the wiser about the depth that music holds. Continue reading