Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

white-faced-monkeyThe Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is perfectly located in the beautifully exotic and sometimes remote Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. The sanctuary is their passion as it is to help the distressed wildlife from all over the country. There are many reasons these amazing creatures come to them for rehabilitation, rescue or other. Injury including electrocution and being hit by a vehicle while crossing the highway, illegal domestication, abandonment by their mother, abuse and more are among top reasons that result in animals being located at the sanctuary. No matter the reason, they are ready and willing to help, whatever animal comes their way!

Currently, they have about 65 animals ranging from babies to mature adults. They have a variety of species, as Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the WORLD, truly incredible! As a non-profit organization they rely 100% on donations, and they do not receive any help from the government or any other outside sources other than people like YOU who are gracious donators! Although rewarding, it is a round the clock commitment and this is why they also have a volunteer program in place. Volunteers come from around the world to help and so can you!

We encourage you to visit their website at to find out more about their mission, or email them directly at